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Shine From the Inside Oracle™

There’s no magic pill
for self-love

This empowering oracle will help you discover the magic within and break free of the fear that holds you back from shining your light.

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This is a deck about female empowerment packaged in a

unique woo-woo way.

This 44-card oracle and guidebook contain a fun and playful approach to making friends with your inner mean girl to help you build confidence, resilience, and reclaim your personal power.

Whether you’re feeling stuck or needing
a motivational kick in the butt..

This guidebook will help you to believe in yourself, overcome overwhelming negative thoughts, and encourage you to manifest your wild and crazy dreams.

This tool for self-discovery embodies empowerment, equality, courage, freedom, sisterhood, and the space to be your authentic self, unapologetically.

Let the wisdom within guide you back home
to your soul’s sacred center

and may you remember

just how badass you truly are
because you are meant to


Pick a card

Release self-doubt. Let go of fear.

Stop playing small and release your self-doubt!

There isn’t one person who hasn’t been held back by the stronghold of self-doubt. Fear finds a way to creep in and has you questioning your worth, lovability, and your true potential.

Sometimes doubt feels so heavy it stops you from tapping into your inner truth. Deep down you know the truth of your soul. That you are capable. Brilliant. Able. Courageous.

Have you been doubting yourself lately? Ready to give up? Go and hide? If you’ve pulled this card, it’s time to take your foot off the brake and…

You are exactly where you’re meant to be.
Ditch the self-doubt and reclaim your sparkle magic.


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Believe in yourself. Unleash your inner unicorn

It’s time to make some sparkle magic and unleash your inner unicorn.

The enchanting unicorn embodies the feminine yin energy of the Moon and represents magic, mystery, intuition, innocence, courage, wisdom, fulfillment, and abundance. It connects us with our truest essence by teaching us to trust our own intuition and believe in our unique sparkle magic.

Our inner unicorn knows our wildest dreams and desires. Tapping into the untamed energy feels like absolute freedom and gives you permission to be your authentic self. This card shows up when you’ve been doubting yourself and hiding your unique sparkle magic. Where have you been holding yourself back? Be honest.


You are perfectly beautiful

Celebrate your differences because you are perfectly beautiful.

It’s easy to fall victim of obsessing over others’ opinions of us. We waste time worrying if we’ll be accepted or rejected by others. We wait for others to tell us we’re beautiful and discredit the compliments when they come.

Georgia O’Keefe said, “I have already settled it for myself so flattery and criticism go down the same drain and I am quite free.”

If you pulled this card, it’s time to stop trying to please people who are too concerned with themselves to notice your brilliance. You were created to contribute your unique sparkle magic by just being your perfectly beautiful self.


You are pure magic

Just in case you’ve forgotten - you’re pure magic baby!

You were born a dreamer, but most likely you’ve buried your magic along the way.  You may have forgotten you have this incredible manifesting power to create life, new ideas, inventions, connections, beauty, joy, and most importantly LOVE. Everyone possesses magic, but only those willing to take charge of their lives and put in the work will activate it. Stepping into your magic requires that you leave your old limiting beliefs behind, examine your intentions, and discover who you really are.

my mission

My mission is to awaken Lightworkers to overcome their fear of shining bright.

You are meant to share your unique sparkle magic with the world. You are here for a reason. Your soul knows the way. Listen to your heart and trust the process unfolding. You are exactly where you need to be.

New to woo-woo?

These cards will help you cultivate clarity and develop a deeper connection to your intuition in a fun and playful way. With regular use, you’ll discover the cards act as a “magic mirror” reflecting your own thoughts, fears, emotions, and deeper desires back to you.

Whatever you most need at the moment will show up.

Each card will feel like a “confirmation” like you “already knew” the answer. The more time you spend trusting your own intuitive insight, the more you’ll learn the subtle language your soul sweetly speaks to you. Trust her, she’s always right.


My spiritual truth-tellin’ style makes you feel like we’ve been friends forever.

Think of it as a blend of bold honesty mixed with loving compassion and a dash of humor to help you build confidence, resilience, and reclaim your personal power. I’m not afraid to show your inner mean girl what’s up! 😉

I’ve taken the truth bombs I share inside my self-love mastery course Shine School® paired with my curiosity for all things woo-woo and infused spiritual wisdom into this oracle to help you along your path of self-discovery.

I like to think of oracle cards as a “pull and play” experience. No need to memorize, study or become a crystal ball reading psychic to understand the meanings of each card. Whether you’re feeling stuck and seeking clarity or needing a motivational kick in the butt, this deck will help you overcome your resistance to taking care of yourself first. #guiltfree

Developing your intuition, creating self-care boundaries, and overcoming the pain we’ve put ourselves through takes time.

Self-love certainly doesn’t happen overnight

so get started making friends with your
inner mean girl NOW


About the Author:

Brittney Carmichael is a trailblazing Lightworker
on a mission to inspire you to
Shine from the inside.

She is the founder of Shine School®, an online course to help women awaken their authentic self and SHINE from the inside and co-founder of The Elevated Life®. She’s a trailblazing lightworker, psychic medium, hairstylist, and empowerment coach for female entrepreneurs.

She is known for her spiritual truth-tellin’ style and her ability to make women beautiful – inside & out. Brit teaches women how to SHINE from the inside by breaking free of negative beliefs, letting go of limiting labels, and tapping into creative power so that they can confidently trust their intuition to live life with intention, purpose, and passion. Plus she’s 99% unicorn.

Whether she’s working behind the chair of her luxury vegan hair salon or speaking at her Goddess Gathering events, she’s sure to light up a room and she’ll empower you to SHINE!


About the Artist:

Jena is a multimedia graphic designer and art director, with experience in digital, print, apparel, and product design.

She strives to create designs that have a clean and modern aesthetic, while maintaining a fresh and whimsical feel.

Jena works as a freelance illustrator for a wide range of clients including 8th Story, Sam Edelman, Betty and Veronica, Seventeen Magazine, Keds, and Forever 21. Jena was born and raised in Brooklyn and her art is shown in art galleries all around New York City. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology where she earned a BFA in Illustration.



You are perfectly beautiful. You are here for a reason. You are meant to Shine!

This oracle will help you learn to trust your intuition and become your most badass self.